We Are Moments.

Very short period of time, almost imperceptible.

We Are Moments.

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Very short period of time, almost imperceptible.

The time at which something happens or is done.

As you



I believe in the magic of the instant, in capturing a fleeting second and saving it forever with my photographs.

The most important moments in our lives are often transitory, an engagement, a wedding, the waiting for your first baby, photography gives us an extraordinary opportunity to save those ephemeral moments forever.

Believe me when I say that I will try and take care of your story with as much affection as I take care of mine and my family’s.

My mission is to make you feel comfortable with me and in front of the camera. To capture all the joy, the emotions, the laughter, the vulnerability, the celebration of your wedding day. My commitment is that when you look at your wedding photographs you will be able to relive over and over again what you felt that day. My commitment is not only with you but also with your children and grandchildren, I want my photographs to be one of their greatest treasures.

It will be an honor to capture your story. I look forward to meeting you.

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Hi, I’m María Benítez

Professional photographer in Cádiz

Hello! I’m María Benítez, wedding photographer in Cádiz and wherever  you want to take me.

I have been documenting weddings, families, pregnancy sessions… 

In short, happy and important moments.

I keep thousands of family and friends’ stories, not only in my hard drives, but also in drawers full of negatives. I remember almost always having a camera around my neck when I was younger, so I’m very happy to have been able to transform my passion into my work.

Now my nephews and nieces are the ones who also got a camera in their hands, 

I feel fortunate to be able to transmit to them the power of photography and to save moments forever.

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María Benítez is a wedding photographer in Cádiz, with an artistic and documentary approach. Her images are vibrant, timeless and full of life and light.
Although her home is in Cadiz, she photographs weddings, couples and families anywhere in the world.

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