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Wedding photographer in Andalucia

Hello! I’m María, a Photographer from Cádiz, and I specialize on weeding photography in Cádiz, but also love making sessions for children and family, because I can share your joy, and take visual memories from some of the happiest moments in your life.

The key ingredients for my weeding photography are: The light of Cádiz, and the light of your happiness.  And these two perfectly merge together to form my style of bright, warm and detailed photographs.

My aim is to capture the smallest and biggest details alike of your weeding, always driven by the emotions you feel, to get the perfect memory from your big day.

Throughout my years of experience as a weeding photographer, I’ve taken pictures on a wide range of weddings: Church, civil, at the beach, big weddings and more intimate ones.

If there’s something I have to highlight about weeding pictures, that is that, no matter the type, style or size of the weeding; the strong feelings you can feel on them, and how important of a day it is for the happy pair, as well as for all of us who are lucky to be with them.

And there’s where my approach to weeding photography comes from. What I want is to take the most real pictures of your special day, for you to remember it exactly as it was.

That’s why I won’t ask you to pose, or to smile if you don’t feel like it. I won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do in your day. What I’ll do, is to take the best pictures, the ones you deserve.

I’ve been so lucky to know some of the most incredible places where to celebrate the prettiest weddings, as well as learning a lot along the way.

As a weeding photographer at Tarifa, I was a witness of how the special light from the place becomes a guess. I’ve taken pictures of a weeding at Sotogrande, at the feet of a golf course. I’ve seen couples getting lost in the white lanes of Vejer. Weddings in Arcos at wonderful farms directly taken from tales. And weddings on a boat which becomes yet another protagonist of the weeding.

 I have also had the opportunity to take pictures in many wonderful places, such as Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba and France; where I’ve learned a lot, discovered new places, and be able to photograph happy couples.

Are you excited already? Would you like to talk and tell me more about you and your weeding? Contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to take the best memories from your special day.