meet Maria


This girl you see right is me.

My name is Maria, I´m a wedding photographer and i love telling happy endings.

I don´t actually remember whem i started doing photography as a hobby, what I do know is that I was really young. One day looking through my mother drawers I found some photo negatives in which my mother had written “María her first roll of film”. It was from a school trip to the zoo with my classmates. It made me very happy to find it and to see that since then I have improved quite a lot doing photos.

My dad likes it when I say that my passion and talent are because of him, because he also loved to take pictures.

Besides the fact that I’ve been with a camera in my hands since I was little, I didn't know right  away that I wanted to do this as a career. Actually I thought about studying chemistry, even though it’s not even related to photography. And so after really thinking about it I started taking some courses and to get more and more passionate about professional photography, specially social photography, where I can tell happy endings.

Do you want me to tell yours?

My favorite Things natural light
my nephews
sushi & beer
tvshows & films
buy cookbooks
Barrosa sunsets
happy people