wedding photographre cadiz
This is me

I have always loved to tell happy stories and through photography I have found the best way to do so.

This is me you see here.

I am fortunate to have documented much of my childhood thanks to my father. My love for photography started (in great part) thanks to him, also because of a box of cookies that was in my grandmother’s house.
That box of cookies and my father’s negatives are two of my greatest

There are many other things that I like and if I tell you about them you will get to know me a little better:

– I’m a big fan of almost all the popular festivities; I love to sing Christmas carols, I know some carnival lyrics, I take thousands of pictures at Easter and enjoying my family and friends at the fair is one of the things that can make me happiest, although I’m terrible at dancing Sevillanas.

– I am obsessed with light. Perhaps this is what best defines my work. I enjoy the soft light of a sunset, but also the strong and harsh light that we usually have in Cadiz. That light and blue skies are my best weapons to work with.

– I like to listen to all kinds of music and I enjoy concerts a lot. Also, I watch all kinds of movies and series in which I am obsessed with their light (of course) and their shots.

– I love to eat and drink and I’m a big fan of the gastronomic wonders of my area, so it’s very likely that, when you finish your photo shoot, you’ll leave with a recommendation of a place to go for a wine or a meal.

– My family is one of the most important things in my life. I have six nieces and nephews. Some of them already have their own camera and they are also my most patient models. I think the best inheritance I can leave them are my photos in the form of souvenirs.

These are some of my happy moments