Intimate wedding in France: Mariana + Brandon

To have a wedding in France its the dream of many wedding photographers, I’ve been able to enjoy the privilege and I would really love to do it again.

The french wedding of Mariana and Brandon, more that a wedding was a celebration of pure love surrounded with both their families and friends. The couple lives in New York, the bride is from Colombia and the groom from England, so for three days family and friends came from all over the world to Gabat, a small town in the french basque country where Brandon has a house were they held the wedding.

The first day we went to Pau and Eaux-Bonnes, beautiful little towns in the atlantic pyrenees. In Pau the guests went to the town market with wicker baskets, gifts made by the couple, to buy food to enjoy in the picnic organized for later. I have to say that I loved the market in Pau! It was unbelievable the amount and different types of cheese they had! And also so much foie!

When the guests arrived to Eaux-Bonnes, they had everything ready to enjoy a wonderful picnic day, laughs and good energy was all you could hear and feel, despite of the slightly cold day and a little drizzle, but that wasn’t a problem, the bride and groom had thought of everything that they had even brought umbrellas .

The second day was the wedding day, from really early in the morning the house was abuzz with family and friends preparing everything for the big day, everyone had a part to play, that’s why when I think of this wedding I have to say that it was very handmade, they took care of the decoration and even part of the food. The truth is that it was amazing to have been a part of that atmosphere of preparations and nerves before the ceremony.

The ceremony had place in a really special place of the house, a long poplars hallway leading to a grove of trees that were planted by the groom when he was just a kid. You can’t deny this was so emotional and special right?

The master of ceremonies was a neighbour and long time friend of Brandon, which made it even more special, also some family members dedicated a few words to the couple, but the big moment was when Brandon put the ring that he had designed himself in Mariana’s finger and she gave him a book herself.

After the ceremony, kisses, hugs and it was time for each one to write something for the new couple in the tree of wishes.

Then came the time to enjoy the true food of the french basque country, with a colombian touch of course! The champagne, the cheeses, the foie and the exquisite lamb stew were the highlights of the dinner, that and the laughs and happiness everyone shared with Mariana and Brandon. The party ended like  no other way, with everyone giving it all on the dance floor.

The third day we headed to Saint Jean de Luz, a beautiful small town near Biarritz, to enjoy our last meal and say our goodbyes to Mariana and Brandon, thanking them for the amazing weekend we spend in their company.

As you’ve seen, the wedding in France was quite an incredible experience that I was able to enjoy thanks to my dear friend Pedro Bellido, thanks Pedro for taking me with you.

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