Wedding in Tarifa

It’s always a delight to be able to photograph a wedding in Tarifa, even more when it’s in the finca el Cañuelo.

El Cañuelo is probably one of the best places to celebrate weddings in Cádiz, it is without a doubt my top place to celebrate a wedding and the views that we can enjoy from there are the best in al the south. I’ve had the opportunity to work in another wedding in El Cañuelo and it’s always lovely to go back.

Sarah and Igor probably though the same thing when they visited this special place for the first time, probably that’s why they decided to celebrate their civil wedding in Tarifa. In El Cañuelo you feel a really special energy, and on their wedding day you could feel that energy even in tarifa

Igor, even though his name may fool us, is italian and Sarah has lived in many places so they had a very international wedding, with people talking english, italian and spanish, a very interesting mix of languages.

One of the advantages of celebrating your wedding in El Cañuelo is that you can get dressed for the wedding in the place, so that along with the views makes it one of the best places to celebrate a wedding in Cádiz.

Igor got dressed with his parent and sister, he was elegant with a blue tuxedo.

Sarah chose a dress from Marta Martí which I fell in love immediately, just look at it and tell me it’s not  the most beautiful dress, and with such a beautiful detail in the back. Sarah told me that she really enjoyed going to the Atelier with her mother and sister for the fittings of the dress, and this is an advice I give to all the future brides, take your time to chose your dress, look for small ateliers to get a more intimate and personalized attention and above it all, enjoy every moment of it.

While Sarah was getting dressed, her friends arrived and there they toasted with prosecco, from the star the atmosphere couldn’t get any better,you could tell people wanted to party and that the wedding was going to be really special.

When the ceremony was about to start, you could feel the expectation from the guests, this is for sure my favorite moment of every wedding because in this moment there’s a lot of contained feelings, so the tears of emotion on Igor’s mother face and Sarah kissing her father just before entering are one of my favorite photos.

The civil ceremony of their wedding in Tarifa was really special, in it all of Sarah’s brothers and nephews read some lines and from Igor’s family his sister and his best friend read some lines too. The good thing about civil weddings is that there is no script to follow therefore there are even more emotional moments that usually make the bride a groom tear a little bit.

After the ceremony I always ask the bride and groom to give me a little bit of their time to take the “posing” pictures, most of the times is just a little moment where I ask them to enjoy themselves, to let go of all the accumulated tension and to enjoy camly of that moment, and while they say to each other all the things they haven’t been able to say through the day I take their photos as natural as possible.

El Cañuelo has a lot of beautiful spots to take pictures so it’s not necessary to move anywhere, you just have to enjoy the place, enjoy this special lightning you have in Cádiz and of course, enjoy the views. The pictures turn out great, don’t you think?

After this calm moment with the couple it’s time to head back to the party, to enjoy with all the guests the appetizer and the delicious dinner served by Alfonso Catering, which I’m big fan of their appetizers and desserts, and of course, their quality.

The tables were decorated beautifully and everything was lit with garlands, that make outdoor weddings even more special. There was even a cocktail bar with a neon sign like in the movies, although I’m sorry to say that Tom Cruise wasn’t behind it.

The moment of the big surprise arrived for the couple with a flashmob organized by their families and friends and after that the dance, with the song from Cinema Paradiso which will always remind me of Sarah and Igor.

I hope you enjoyed this wedding in Tarifa and that if you are thinking about getting married in El Cañuelo don’t hesitate to call me, it will be a pleasure to come back to this place. Until next time!



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