Wedding in Cadiz

I have always loved photographing weddings in Cadiz, the southernmost province of the Spanish peninsula. And if you are thinking of having your wedding there, you will be more than welcome.

Cadiz is the province where I live, and even though feels wrong for me to say so, weddings always end up being spectacular, because of the amount of places and services you can go to. You can also choose to get married on the beach or in the mountains.

I have very good memories of the photographs I’ve taken, capturing such beautiful moments that my hair still stands on end. Cadiz is magic… If you’re thinking about where to celebrate your wedding, you’ll see that it’s a unique place in the whole peninsula.

Let me tell you a little about the coastal province of Cadiz and show you some wedding photographs I’ve taken with a lot of love!

Cadiz is one of the oldest provinces in Spain, and this is well represented in all its topography. Its beaches, cities and mountains have a great personality, and they don’t leave anyone indifferent, especially at a wedding! It is one of the provinces where you can enjoy more days of sunshine per year. Its temperatures, due to the proximity of the sea, are usually very mild. Even The New York Times has fallen in love with the whole province of Cadiz and has recommended us among the destinations to visit for the second year running, I think there’s a reason for that, isn’t there?

I can still remember with nostalgia the weddings I’ve witnessed there. There are so many memories! The truth is that I have had the pleasure of meeting very good people at those events, with whom we still keep in touch.

There have been many kisses, hugs, laughs and moments that I have lived with some of my couples in those beautiful corners of Cadiz, enjoying with them that magical light we have in the south and those sunsets that are among the most spectacular you can see. It will be difficult to forget some of these beautiful moments that I have lived with these couples.

Contact me to capture your great moment in Cadiz!

If you want to know a little more about weddings in Cadiz, I have prepared a list of the most spectacular places to get married in this province. I have also separated them by beach and mountain so that you can choose what you want.

And here I leave you some photos that I have been doing these years in Cádiz city so that you begin to know a little my work and with these photos you fall in love a little more for you to want to celebrate your wedding in Cadiz.


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If you’re interested, don’t think twice and send me a message! I’ve been very busy lately, but I assure you that I’ll answer you in less than 48 hours, and we’ll be able to set a date for your wedding in Cadiz or in other areas.


Wedding photographer in Cadiz: María Benítez

Wedding videographer in Cadiz: Manu Caballero
Wedding catering: CanelaClavo
Bridal and bouquet headdresses: Flores Atemporales

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